2nd BBQ

Our 2nd BBQ was an incredible experience of community. We had between 75-100 people show up, from 5 weekly stay motels. We had an inflatable Limbo set up, tropical fish bean bag toss and flamingo ring toss for the kids complete with bubbles and prizes. We served up 117 cheeseburgers and over 60 hotdogs. A man by the name of Dennis brought his karaoke equipment and numerous people sang, including a rendition of “La Bamba” by “Nacho”. We all hung out for about 3 hours and experienced community with our fellow neighbors and friends. We had all walks of life attend with all kinds of stories. One of those stories is about our friend, “Nacho”. He has truly been blessed of late. When we first got to meet him he was looking for work with none to be found. Times got so rough that he had to sell his only means of transportation to pay his weekly motel rent. He then came across a bicycle and was riding it to look for work. When he did land a job he was riding his bike 25 minutes one way and 45 minutes back the other way just to work for 2-3 hours a day. But as God does, he blessed “Nacho” with a van that was given to him by one of his motel neighbors, a true example of “community and sharing”. Now he has been able to find a different job working full-time. Words just can’t describe the feeling of true community you experience both at the BBQ’s and delivering the food on Thursdays. As always I would just invite you to “come and see.”

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