4000 Meals and Counting

WoW!!  I can’t believe we have delivered over 4000 meals now.  What started in our kitchen at only 50 meals a week has now grown to over 270 meals a week and takes an assembly line of dedicated people to put them together.  Anytime I question whether it’s really worth the time and effort or not, God shows me something.  We delivered to an older retired vet last night who was eagerly awaiting our arrival.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to see my ugly mug, but rather it was because he had not eaten in 2 days.  Amazing!  In a town like Branson with so many restaurants we still have people going hungry.  Just think about all the food that is probably thrown out every evening off of buffets.

This same gentleman also asked me if I could get him a bible next week.  Last week another gentleman gave us an extra bible to give to someone who might need it.  I had put it in the van waiting for that opportunity and BAM!, God presented it.  He didn’t have to wait a week for that bible as we had it in the Jesus Was Homeless van.  So again, when I’m tired, worn out and start thinking about myself, God shows me something that gives me the excitement, energy and strength to continue.  If you look for it he might show you as well.

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