Another Amazing Night of Community

God continues to amaze me.  He just never fails to show up.  We meet at the Church Army Branson center each week to organize the food and get ready for delivery.  Tonight we had a “friend” show up that we have come to know from our motel deliveries.  He sought Amy and I out to see if we could help him get into Church Army’s classes.  He wanted to make sure he would be accepted and that it was ok to attend.  The thing that is AMAZING to me is that he felt “safe” with us because of the relationship we had established by delivering food each week.  God continued to amaze as I was able to have a long conversation and start really building a friendship with another gentleman that has been somewhat stand-offish.  Then God showed up in a big way.  A lady with a HUGE heart called out for Amy or I and took me into her office and donated money to help continue our mission.  Everytime I worry about how we are going to continue to hand out over 300 meals a week God shows me that it’s his deal, not mine, and he WILL provide.  I then got another glimpse of community at one our next stops, a group of people that live at the motel were all hanging out and singing Karaoke songs.  They invited me to sing, I of course, had to graciously refuse as I didn’t want to give the motel a bad name.  What blows me away everytime I see stuff like that going on, is that these folks have “community” happening right there.  You will probably never see Karaoke going on in my neighborhood and I haven’t seen a neighborhood gathered around a grill like I do at these motels.  It really makes me wonder if our houses and fancy stuff is really worth it when we become isolated from our neighbors.  If you want to see GOD, I invite you to “come and see” with us each week.

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