Heart Warming Letter

We received a letter from a gentleman that lives at one of the motels that we have been delivering food to. It was mailed to Church Army and they forwarded it to us. To me, this is what it’s about. Love, caring, compassion, commitment and fellowship.

To Church Army,

I feel compelled to let it be know that Jesus Was Homeless has done something that many have tried and failed to do. That is get my butt back into church. I met Bryan a few months ago while he and a group of caring people delivered sack lunches to the motel where I’ve lived since Feb. ’09. After the many talks that they took the time to have with me, I decided that if I was going to let God back into my life and my heart, Church Army was where I belonged.

Being raised Catholic in the Chicago area, I quickly learned that worship at Church Army was not prim-proper and each and every person was a somebody. In the text book, Mass of Catholics, it’s easy for some to get “lost in the mix.” I did not feel this way during Saturday evening worship with Branson’s Church Army. I must be honest. I was a hard nutshell to crack, but Jesus Was Homeless made me feel like somebody on the group’s Thursday visits to the motel.

To see the fellowship of the whole group was very impressive to me. So I attended my 1st service two weeks ago. Then again this past Saturday. I have no transportation but Jesus Was Homeless makes attending possible by providing a ride.

Thanks to Jesus Was Homeless I’ve conceded bitterness and re-opened my heart to the love and guidance of Jesus Christ and I’m beginning to see “the light at the end of the tunnel” within the many hardships of my life. Jesus Was Homeless makes this crazy world a whole lot easier to live in. I feel lucky their my friend. Just thought you’d like to know.

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