Rain, Sleet or Snow, JWH Will Go

Well it rained on us again during this week’s Thursday night meal delivery but I was truly inspired by all the volunteers we had show up.  Everyone was in great spirits and had a lot of fun despite getting soaked.  It really helps build creditability with the ones we serve as well, when they know that they are important enough for us to deliver food no matter the weather.  God yet again showed his sense of humor last night.  Before we head out to deliver meals we always open in prayer.  We usually ask if anyone feels led to pray but last night I just asked an individual to open.  She declined.  She does not feel comfortable praying out loud.  I totally understand as I was the same way and still am, but I’m getting more comfortable as I do it more.  I felt bad that I had put her on the spot but as I have learned God has a way of getting you out of your comfort zone.  At the very first motel we stopped at to deliver food there was a gentleman there that asked her to pray for him, out loud.  Of course she did and we are all very proud of her.  Don’t you know we laughed about that most of the night.

You would have thought manna had rained down from heaven yesterday as well.  Lydia Rogers of the Kimberling City Methodist Church had arranged for us to receive close to 300 loaves of bread to pass out as well.  I’m sure there has got to be an empty bread truck in a ditch somewhere as this bread was still extremely fresh and had another week for the use-by date, but I’m not asking any questions.  The people were so grateful for the bread it was a HUGE hit last night.  We added another motel to our regular stops and there were many families and individuals there in dire need so the bread was a true blessing.  We even had a group donate $10 to us and another group of folks offer us soda’s or water.  That’s so touching when you see the ones your serving wanting give back in return.

I have been looking at grant applications and various options for food products and I always come across the question of “What is your Mission Statement?”.  I’m not a big fan of mission statements but apparently it’s important in the non-profit world.  Our Articles of Incorporation state our purpose as, “to distribute food for the homeless and those in temporary housing”, but as I think of our mission statement I think it would be more like this:

To end hunger and homeless in our community while sharing hope, love and compassion.
To build community and relationships between the ones serving and the ones being served.
To preach the Gospel through our actions and if necessary use words.

You can help us with this “mission” this Sunday as we hold our 4th “Love Your Neighbors” BBQ.  Just come hang out.  We won’t put you to work if you don’t want to but please come.

*UPDATE -* I want to give everyone a “Dennis” update.  We had a lot of people offer to give him a ride to his doctor’s appointments and surgery.  He got to all of them and his surgery went great.  He is still healing but says he feeling so much better and wanted to let everyone know how much he appreciates them.

*REQUEST –* Make a Difference Day is coming up on October 24th.  We would like to build a garden area for one of the weekly stay motels.  I, unfortunately, do not have much in the way of knowledge in this area, other than it will be an above ground garden on concrete.  If there is a green thumb out there that could help direct us in the construction of this it would be very appreciated.  We could also use connections for dirt and materials as well.

A big *THANK YOU* to Pizza Hut in Branson West.  They have agreed to donate 3 pizza’s a month to a family in need at the various weekly rentals.  Just think, if we had 1 meal from every restaurant in the Branson area I doubt anybody would go hungry in the motels.


Oct. 11th Love Your Neighbors BBQ
Oct. 24th Make a Difference Day (hopefully building a garden)
Nov. 26th 2nd annual Thanksgiving Dinner at Boys & Girls Club (collecting, hats, gloves, coats, blankets, socks, sweatshirts, toiletry items, etc.)

I should have lots to share after our BBQ on Sunday as I’m sure God will show us something.  Again, I invite you to “Come and See”.

God bless,

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