Saturday Night PITS Service

God never ceases to amaze me!  When Bryan and I first started to pass out our weekly “happy meals”, I had no earthly idea that God was going to use this ministry to change people’s lives forever.  As a result of our Thursday night meal deliveries, God opened the door for us to begin picking up the people we serve in the weekly stay hotels for church services on Saturday nights, Peace In The Storm.  God provided us with a van at a great price so we could transport our new friends to and from service.

Well, this last Saturday night we were able to witness (once again) God move in a totally amazing and obvious way in the lives of lost and hurting people.  When we pulled into our destination, we were greeted by several different people.  One man seemed very distraught and spoke privately for a while with Bryan.  During that time, a young man came over to me and shared that he had just been kicked out of where he had been living and had no money and no place to go. Well, we took him (and the other man) to church with us not knowing what else to do.  When we arrived at church, Bryan shared with one of the Church Army leaders some of the details surrounding the first mans situation.  The man was very upset, crying and sharing his desire to stop drinking but his inability to succeed.  Well our friend (with some encouragement) decided to admit himself into a 3 day detox program and then he would move into a Church Army home to get help for his addiction.

The service that night was excellent!  About half way through service, the second young man who had no place to go started to really enjoy the service and praise God.  We were able to look around at the people that night in the service and were blessed to see many people there were there as a result of  the Jesus was Homeless ministry.  Yea God!

After the service, the young man was offered housing and help for his addictions through the Church Army program.  He gladly accepted the help and was taken to one of the outreach homes.

The night was not quite finished.  There was a couple attending service that night that we had met at the Jesus Was Homeless Love Your Neighbor bar-b-q last Sunday night.  They had no food or money for food until Monday-2 days away.  Well, God put it on our hearts to take them to a grocery store and buy them some food to last until they got paid.  Their gratitude was all the blessing we needed.  We could not possibly be any more blessed!  God continues to show us his miraculous saving grace through the lives of his people.

– Amy Stallings

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