Thank You Jesus!

The past 2 Thursday nights Bryan has been unable to attend while we passed out our meals.  I have to admit, knowing he would not be a part of it those nights made me pretty nervous.  God has gifted him with strong leadership abilities and without him there I was forced to rely 100% on God, which I should be doing anyway but don’t.  Well needless to say, God worked it all out perfectly.  We had plenty of people there to help and it was amazing!  It has been my prayer that if Bryan and I would not be able to continue in this ministry (God forbid) that it would still carry on without us.  God is bringing people to this outreach who have a huge heart for God and serving the people who live in these weekly stay motels.  My heart has been so touched to see the relationships that are forming not only with the people we serve, but with the volunteers who help us serve.  When this whole ministry began, I believed it was just about feeding the needy, now I am realizing that the one who is being fed the most is me!

– Amy Stallings

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