Thursday Night, July 2nd, 2009

What an awesome night!!!  I don’t even know how to describe what this past Thursday night food delivery was like to do it justice but here goes.  We had about 25 people go with us this week and about half of those were “newbies” or first timers.  The first 2 motels that we go to have a lot of foreign workers as well as our local workers.  We added one of these motels 2 weeks ago because we had met some foreign exchange workers at the Wal-Mart Supercenter and had given them a ride back to the motel.  In learning about them and their culture we discovered that they were primarily Muslim in their belief.  We told them what we do as far as delivering food and they asked if we would be delivering to their motel.  How could we refuse?  It might be an opportunity to show them Christianity.  One of the C of O students that went with us, Annie, shared about a lady she met last night at the first motel that is confined to wheel chair due to a car wreck and how excited she was to talk with Annie since she can’t get out much.

The second motel that we went to has a lot of our Jamaican friends.  What an experience of community.  We have gotten to know several of them now really well and plan to do a “Jamaican” meal together.  They are going to share their Jamaican culture with us by planning, cooking, and sharing with us.  We are even planning to go to Jamaica this winter to meet several of their families.  Talk about faith in Christ, they are so exciting to watch at church as they are filled with the Holy Spirit.  Our next hotel was just amazing.  A great guy by the name of Gary donated $50 to us for more meals.  He said he felt led to give it to us since we have been faithful in delivering meals to him and his family while he waited for his housing to be completed.  Our friend Tom there let a group of us pray for him as he struggles with an illness.  Tom is a great example of community.  He and another lady at this motel are using their cooking skills to provide a BBQ feast for the folks that live at this motel for the holiday weekend.  How amazing is that.  A guy who is struggling to function day to day has enough love for his neighbor that he wants to provide a meal and hang out with friends.

Through this meal delivery we have really gotten to know these people.  They have become part of our lives and the trees are bearing fruit.  We took about 10 folks last week to the “Peace In The Storm” Saturday night church service with more asking about going each week.  As I said earlier, I can’t do the experiences we have justice here in a blog but I know that we are giving a lot of people hope, love, caring and possibly leading them to Christ.  If you want to learn more I would invite you to just “come.”

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