When Chris made his connection with Jesus Was Homeless, he and his family had lost their home and their business due to a work injury, a 30-year addiction to Methamphetamine and a string of poor decisions. Chris had been booked into various jails and prisons over 90 times in his lifetime.

When Chris found himself and his family living in an extended stay hotel, he had an epiphany. He realized what a disadvantage it was to have him as a father. God opened his eyes and it broke his heart. He never used drugs again. But it wasn’t easy.

As he tried to support his family, work was hard to come by because of his criminal record. Chris found himself one night having to come home and tell his family that there was no food and no money. He was just moments away from going back to Meth… numbing the pain and selling to provide for his family.

But at just that moment, there was a knock on the door that changed everything.

A Jesus Was Homeless volunteer not only brought food for his family, but he brought compassion, hope and the love of Jesus. The volunteer told Chris how he struggled daily with his own addiction, but he knew God still loved him, right where he was at.

Since that fateful day, Chris and his entire family have turned their lives over to God and have all graduated from the Jobs for Life program. Chris has a great job, where he has been honored several times with awards for his hard work. They now have their own place to live and have become valued volunteers at Jesus Was Homeless and in the community.