Meet The Doc

Meet The Doc

 Access to health care — due to lack of transportation, cost prohibitive services and other factors — is a major issue for the underserved population, who are individuals at or below the poverty level. A lack of access to care often results in no care at all, which negatively impacts the health and well-being of these individuals.

“Meet The Doc” events provide information and opportunities for service to those individuals in our community who lack the funds, transportation, and/or education to seek health care for themselves and their families.

Many dental, medical, government, mental health, health department, addiction recovery and job training program organizations attend the “Meet The Doc” events, which provide services and a path to follow-up care. Transportation to and from the “Meet The Doc” events is provided by Jesus Was Homeless, as is transportation for follow-up appointments made at the events.

Check the calendar page for upcoming “Meet The Doc” Events!


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